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Infrastructure Investment in Continental Europe


Dutch Enviro Energy Holdings B.V.
The Netherlands

Business Owns the largest energy-from-waste player in the Netherlands, AVR, which operates 5 waste treatment plants in Rozenburg and Duiven; as well as 4 transfer stations
Capacity (plants)
Energy from Waste

2,300 kilo tonnes per year

Biomass Energy 140 kilo tonnes per year
Liquid Waste 270 kilo tonnes per year
Paper Residue Incineration 160 kilo tonnes per year
Capacity (transfer stations) 1,000 kilo tonnes per year
CKI's interest 35% (another 20% held by Power Assets)

Portugal Renewable Energy

Business One of the largest wind energy companies in Portugal
Generating Capacity Wind Power About 726 MW
CKI's interest 50% (another 50% held by Power Assets)


Business One of the world's leading fully integrated energy management services providers with strong market positions in European countries such as Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Italy and Spain
Customers Covering over 12 million homes
CKI's interest 35%
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