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Infrastructure Investment In China

CKI has a portfolio of toll road investments in Mainland China that spans over 400 kilometres in various provinces around the country.

Shantou Bay Bridge

Shantou Bay Bridge achieved double-digit growth in profitability.

CKI has a 30% interest in the Shantou Bay Bridge. A satisfactory increase of around 10% in toll revenue was recorded during the year. As a result of this improved revenue, as well as a reduction of operational expenses, profitability was enhanced by approximately 11% in 2010 as compared to the previous year.

Shen-Shan Highway (Eastern Section)

Shen-Shan Highway delivered excellent results in 2010.

Shen-Shan Highway, in which CKI has a 33.5% stake, achieved an excellent performance in 2010, with a 40% increase in profitability. Such strong results can be attributable to a 14% growth in toll revenue and a 27% reduction in finance expenses.

Tangshan Tangle Road

Tangsha Tangle Road achieved an 80% growth in net profit distributable to shareholders.

CKI has a 51% interest in Tangshan Tangle Road. In 2010, the project achieved another outstanding performance with an 80% growth in net profit distributable to shareholders. This increase can be attributed to the robust growth of economic activity and traffic flow in the area.

Changsha Wujialing And Wuyilu Bridges

The two Changsha bridges recorded a net profit increase of 35%.

The Group has a 44.2% shareholding in the Changsha Wujialing and Wuyilu Bridges. A strong performance was achieved by this project in 2010 on the back of continuous growth in the number of new vehicles within Changsha City. Revenue increased by 25% as compared to the previous year, while net profit increased by 35%.

Other Toll Roads And Bridges

CKI's other toll roads and bridges, comprising Jiangmen Chaolian Bridge, Jiangmen Jiangsha Highway, National Highway 107 (Zhumadian Sections) and Panyu Beidou Bridge, all delivered satisfactory performances in 2010 and generated stable cash returns for the Group.

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